Turkey Day is here!!!!

Yep Turkey day is tomorrow. I am excited for time to visit with family and friends but it is a lot of work! This year we are having a full house!  We always welcome everyone. So not just family but anyone who needs a place to come join in a meal of thanks.

Right now I shouldn’t be watching the cooking channel either because I don’t have all the wonderful dishes, the great kitchen and the hair and makeup people to make my Thanksgiving picture perfect. But we will do!

Being the one who has everyone over it is hard because you have to rely on those who say what they are bringing….then again I have those who say I am bringing a salad but include  a desert and any extra….and if I had planned on filling in that…oh well.

Breath….after all it is just  a meal and we are after all giving thanks…so thanks to all my family and friends I do appreciate and love you all!


Spa…ahhhh Day

For my birthday my daughters decided that we needed to spend the day at the spa. I took the day off from work and we all jumped into the car and went out to the Glen Ivy spa.

We have been looking forward to this for weeks. This is the first all day event that my daughter was leaving my granddaughter with her daddy! I am honored that she wanted to spend it with me.

It has been years since I and my oldest daughter had been to Glen Ivy however my youngest daughter had never been. The youngest daughter decided that we needed or she needed to get in every one of their 19 pools. Now it wasn’t the warmest day so this was going to be interesting plus we had signed up for spa treatments.

We arrived shortly after they opened, got into our suits and started at one end and she managed to get in 4 pools before we each headed off to our first spa treatment. My daughters went for the full body massages but I went for the Glen Ivy Detox Body Treatment.

This started with a sugar…yep sugar scrub. Then you wash it off (my 2nd shower for the day) and they put a shea butter lotion on and wrap you up like a burrito which is a warm body wrap to promote detoxification and maximize hydration. Then she gives you a wonderful head and upper back massage. Heaven

Afterward we go to tackle more of those pools. My youngest I think got in another 3 pools before lunch.

After lunch it’s time for mud baby! It is Southern California’s only red clay mineral bath. It’s a great excuse to get dirty!

I don’t think this counted on our pools list but it does require another shower afterward. (3rd shower)

Next treatment is Orange Pumpkin Spice Pedicure. What a festive fall treat for our legs and feet! It s starts with Pumpkin Spice Scrub exfoliates our legs and one of the best foot massages I have ever had. The girls and I discuss how this should be an everyday occurrence. We even speculate if Oprah gets this done every day? What a life!

We then hurry off to do the Grotto. This is something new to me at Glen Ivy. You go to their underground caverns (via elevator) which are Disney like cave rooms where an attended coats your skin with a rich, warm, light green body moisturizer that almost glows in the dark. We then entered a warm room to rest and then yep you guessed it another shower to rinse off the oil. (Shower 4)

As the day ended, we went back to the locker room to another shower(5) as we had to wash our hair from all the fun and dress to leave…..this is when it was decided this should become a birthday tradition!

Next time we will get into all the pools and take less showers!

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday….since turning 50 I started making a bucket list for the coming year of things I wanted to accomplish during my 50th year  and then each year after that I made another bucket list of what I wanted to accomplish and so on…I only told a few people what I was doing ..

So today it’s another birthday so here is another bucket list to accomplish this year. Now first I don’t always accomplish everything on my list but I try to do a lot of what is on my list!  This is the first time I have made this list public…yikes this will put the pressure on now that everyone knows

  1. Blogging- yes this was on last year’s list –yes I did experiment in it but want to get into it more..very interesting and fun.
  2. Read- 1 book month…yes this has been on my list every year and I have almost done it every year…..except this year got the book “Dearie” online. Problem is when you get a digital book you really don’t know how long it is!….over 1300 pages(I think this counts as 2 books)
  3. Remodel the kitchen…okay it has turned into remodel the house….this has been on the back burner….I could even just blog on this.
  4. Exercise weekly – log it-3 times week
  5. Sign up for at least two 5K within the next year..did that last year!
  6. Have someone take one very nice portrait of me..and I hate getting photos taken of me…this maybe hard to do.
  7. Take a serious effort to lose the last 25 pounds.
  8. Try to do video blogs
  9. Be more active with C2C
  10. Clean my closet ,Clean my bedroom, Clean my desk at work
  11. Plant a herb garden
  12. Sew a dress for my grand-daughter
  13. Sew shoes for my grand-daughter
  14. Make a Beno lunch for my grand-daughter
  15. Learn something completely new to me
  16. Take photographs…like a professional
  17. Travel
  18. Travel with just my husband
  19. Organize my kitchen after its remodeled
  20. College parents group – participate more
  21. Have a couple of  flower classes again at my house
  22. See a movie in the theater once a month
  23. Get more involved in Sage Women group
  24. Tell my friend about women sage and invite them to attend
  25. Spa Day
  26. Cooking class
  27. Make a fun dessert for folks at work from Pinterest
  28. Try to knit something
  29. Paint a picture
  30. Get a portrait of my dogs
  31. Babysit my grand-daughter…this is an easy one!!!
  32. Show my husband how much I love him!

Do you make goals when you reach another birthday? 

Have you done a bucket list?

November is really Movember

Have you noticed lately that handle bar mustaches are coming back in style?

Did you know there is a group that is called Movember and every November  they are responsible for the sprouting  mustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. 

I first learned about this last year when my son-in-law started to grow his Mo. Even though my daughter was not happy about it I sponsored him and thought what a fun way to raise awareness.  I plan on doing the same thing this year!

This year he started on November 1st.  Here is what he has to say about it…”I want to take a stand against cancer. My upper lip will be my canvas, on which I will plant my symbol of solidarity. This year my ‘stache will be the most thick and luxurious yet.”

Do you know of someone who is participating? Would you donate to this upper lip group? I hope you can.

It is pretty funny that we already have a photo of my grand-daughter playing along with her daddy’s idea of a mustache when she was barely a day old.


It amazes me how technology has changed life in such a creative way. I am talking about photography.

Back when I had my children it was the old school camera that I would use to record events in our life. It was always interesting to see what you got on your roll of film weeks later when you picked it up from the developer.  Sadly it was disappointing that you would find out  that what you thought you were capturing was not caught on film at all.

With today’s cameras and most people’s phones you can immediately see what you have taken and can often take more than enough pictures with the hopes that one will be the perfect photo. Then you can delete the ones you don’t want and you don’t have to “develop “  all of them to see if you got that special photo. People can quickly post these to Facebook and to Instagram.

Now please note that us grand-parents love seeing these photos but if your grand-parent isn’t on facebook or hooked up with Instagram, it would be nice if you emailed them to them. This is because if you happen to be at a holiday event and everyone is talking about your cute photos that grand-parent is going to feel left out.

Also with Facebook and Pinterest it is easier to share photography and share ideas for photos. My daughter has certainly taken off on this and created some outstanding ways to show the growth of my grand-daughter.  I almost wish I could go back in time and recreate the same photos with my now grown children.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”–Marc Riboud

Small Milestones

How different it is when you are the grand parent and it seems like every time you see your grand child they have achieved another milestone in their development. It seems to go so quickly. When I had my own children I just don’t remember it going this quickly and want to slow it down so I can enjoy these moments a little longer.


One week ago I took on this challenge of blogging daily for one month. I had never blogged before so I decided to “Keep ISimple Stupid”. First because I am a newbie to this and wanted to pick a simple and easy subject which is my grand-daughter as she brings me joy each day.  Also I am not a super genius on any one subject to be able to write tons of interesting material. Plus I would have to fit this in on a work schedule that can change weekly.

This first week I realized I still am not a genius even on my grand-daughter as I couldn’t find entertaining and fun stuff to write each day.  I will have to learn a way to hobnob with famous grand-mothers to establish myself as an authority at being a pro MEEMaw!Royal Grand Mum!

I also heard that writing for a blog is not the same as the essays you wrote for school. As quoted from http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/writing-a-good-blog.html

“Professional writers often look down on bloggers, because their informal online writing rarely benefits from a good editor. Blogs are known for their casual writing and unpredictable subject material, but the best blogs have proven that — regardless of punctuation and spelling — even “novice” writers can be entertaining enough to attract a broad audience.”

So I guess I got the informal writing part just have to work on the entertaining part. There is hope.

I dream of the day when I have a blog that can be more serious, which I do want to achieve but only until I have this blogging thing down. I have to admit I am feeling very inferior to the other blogs. So am I writing this as an excuse……maybe but I think I am going to try to test myself to be better because when you are at the bottom you have nowhere to go but up.

Okay there is one thing I have that the other blogs don’t ….damn cute photo of my grand-daughter!


Mercury’s in Retrograde again!

Do I know what that means?  No.

I am just tired today. Don’t know if it is day seven of blogging, elections or the people at work who are being difficult.

I am just tired so today this is all you get.

Oh and I rushed home hoping to see my grand-daughter tonight and I missed her!


Yes today is the day to vote!  Tomorrow the signs will be down and life will go back to normal.

Please read what you are voting for.  A lady, in my office, said she picked who she was voting for president, because she liked his eyes. Thank god she is not voting in Ohio so it doesn’t matter. But we need to still vote for our local government so please vote.

Read the information on the props and the people as it can be tricky. I guess you also need to take a closer look at those signs too.  In my neighborhood there are signs behind the signs. (see photo above)

This is what was behind one of those signs…

Dirty politics or dirty husbands you still need to research what you are voting for!  And who knows maybe the husband will take a shower!