Hello to the world of blogging!

I have decided to enter the world of blogging. It’s a lot like starting a diet. I have said for the past year I should start a blog and just like a diet I have been putting it off. I have looked at the different kinds of blogs…..food, photography, creative, decorating, all are so creative and good. I want mine to be good just like I would love to just jump to being skinny.

But should I make it about some worldly matter and make a mark in the world……yes that would be great but for now I want it to be fun and entertaining…….but it has to be about me…..hmmmm

Well this year my world changed as I became a Grandmother so I think I will start with that. Yikes a boring blog about becoming a grandmother…..I hope not so I will try to not bore you with grandmother things to often….maybe just every other day.

So I have started my blog, and now I am on my journey of becoming a blogger!


2 thoughts on “Hello to the world of blogging!

  1. Sheri, welcome to the world of blogging! It’s addictive just like Twitter and FB. lol I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so far, not boring at all. My grandparenting blog is very important to me, I hope it’s still going when my grandkids get old enough to read them. I’m expecting grandbaby #2 and can’t wait!! You can add so many things along with a grandparenting theme, like parenting, recipes, giveaways, health topics, and so much more. Great start with yours! 🙂

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