Small Milestones

How different it is when you are the grand parent and it seems like every time you see your grand child they have achieved another milestone in their development. It seems to go so quickly. When I had my own children I just don’t remember it going this quickly and want to slow it down so I can enjoy these moments a little longer.


4 thoughts on “Small Milestones

  1. How nice that your grandchildren have a grandparent that can not only celebrate their existence — but can document and blog about it? Sheri, can you share more of your experience having your children — and contrast that with watching your kids have kids? Mine are still so young. I’m not quite ready to be a grandmother!

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  3. Hey Sheri, Yes! Every time I see my grandson I think he’s grown taller by 2 inches! LOL And he is so, so very smart. I can’t believe how observant he is. Nice post. @ Wendy, being a grandparent is the greatest feeling there is…I couldn’t believe it until it actually happened. You will find dout. 🙂

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