It amazes me how technology has changed life in such a creative way. I am talking about photography.

Back when I had my children it was the old school camera that I would use to record events in our life. It was always interesting to see what you got on your roll of film weeks later when you picked it up from the developer.  Sadly it was disappointing that you would find out  that what you thought you were capturing was not caught on film at all.

With today’s cameras and most people’s phones you can immediately see what you have taken and can often take more than enough pictures with the hopes that one will be the perfect photo. Then you can delete the ones you don’t want and you don’t have to “develop “  all of them to see if you got that special photo. People can quickly post these to Facebook and to Instagram.

Now please note that us grand-parents love seeing these photos but if your grand-parent isn’t on facebook or hooked up with Instagram, it would be nice if you emailed them to them. This is because if you happen to be at a holiday event and everyone is talking about your cute photos that grand-parent is going to feel left out.

Also with Facebook and Pinterest it is easier to share photography and share ideas for photos. My daughter has certainly taken off on this and created some outstanding ways to show the growth of my grand-daughter.  I almost wish I could go back in time and recreate the same photos with my now grown children.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”–Marc Riboud


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