Spa…ahhhh Day

For my birthday my daughters decided that we needed to spend the day at the spa. I took the day off from work and we all jumped into the car and went out to the Glen Ivy spa.

We have been looking forward to this for weeks. This is the first all day event that my daughter was leaving my granddaughter with her daddy! I am honored that she wanted to spend it with me.

It has been years since I and my oldest daughter had been to Glen Ivy however my youngest daughter had never been. The youngest daughter decided that we needed or she needed to get in every one of their 19 pools. Now it wasn’t the warmest day so this was going to be interesting plus we had signed up for spa treatments.

We arrived shortly after they opened, got into our suits and started at one end and she managed to get in 4 pools before we each headed off to our first spa treatment. My daughters went for the full body massages but I went for the Glen Ivy Detox Body Treatment.

This started with a sugar…yep sugar scrub. Then you wash it off (my 2nd shower for the day) and they put a shea butter lotion on and wrap you up like a burrito which is a warm body wrap to promote detoxification and maximize hydration. Then she gives you a wonderful head and upper back massage. Heaven

Afterward we go to tackle more of those pools. My youngest I think got in another 3 pools before lunch.

After lunch it’s time for mud baby! It is Southern California’s only red clay mineral bath. It’s a great excuse to get dirty!

I don’t think this counted on our pools list but it does require another shower afterward. (3rd shower)

Next treatment is Orange Pumpkin Spice Pedicure. What a festive fall treat for our legs and feet! It s starts with Pumpkin Spice Scrub exfoliates our legs and one of the best foot massages I have ever had. The girls and I discuss how this should be an everyday occurrence. We even speculate if Oprah gets this done every day? What a life!

We then hurry off to do the Grotto. This is something new to me at Glen Ivy. You go to their underground caverns (via elevator) which are Disney like cave rooms where an attended coats your skin with a rich, warm, light green body moisturizer that almost glows in the dark. We then entered a warm room to rest and then yep you guessed it another shower to rinse off the oil. (Shower 4)

As the day ended, we went back to the locker room to another shower(5) as we had to wash our hair from all the fun and dress to leave…..this is when it was decided this should become a birthday tradition!

Next time we will get into all the pools and take less showers!


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