An Old Fashion Christmas!

Wow I have just barely put away Thanksgiving and now need to get out Christmas!

Today we are going to get a family picture taken for Christmas. Now when my children where young I always run around getting them together to get a photo that I could use for our family Christmas card, then somewhere along the past 15 years I stopped doing it. I miss it. However the holidays are a lot of work. Finding time to take these photos gets lost in all the activities.

But this year we had the opportunity to go to Knott’s  Berry farm to take one of those old fashion photos.  When my husband first asked the kids if they wanted to do it, they said yes to my surprise…I knew they always liked to play dress up!


Best is that my granddaughter who doesn’t really know what is going on was the best ….I look forward to the years to come when she really understands what is going on. Yes she’s got the bags of money and my son still likes his toy guns…LOL


4 thoughts on “An Old Fashion Christmas!

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