Get on task!

December is the month of many things. I have 3 birthdays, Christmas and work deadlines plus many holiday celebrations to manage.stress


The hard part is I spend many of my hours at work waiting for people to send me approvals to get stuff done and watch the clock go tick tock….very madding

This year I started early and tackled celebrating my husband’s birthday during the first weekend even though his birthday is the week before Christmas. I then decided that I could downsize the Santa tasks by informing my oldest that Santa doesn’t come to two houses now that she has a daughter and Santa would be there…..boy was that a wrong move….so I will be doing Santa stockings until my children are in their 50’s…I was flattered that they said Santa’s stocking where the best… but the pressure…..

So since the day before Thanksgiving I have (less than 2 weeks)

  • Day before thanksgiving provided lunch for 45 people at work
  • Thanksgiving dinner 20 people at my home
  • Did an old fashion picture at Knott’s Berry Farm of 7 of the  family members
  • End of month lunch for work for 45 people
  • Made my tie dye cupcakes and husband’s birthday cake
  • Birthday party for husband’s 60th for 65 people
  • Attend College parent event
  • Continue to blog as much as possible in my new blog(trying for every day)
  • Attend my Tuesday night blog classes

And my next couples of weeks are more intense …so where do you fit in the Christmas shopping, birthday shopping and the blogging I just don’t know.

….FYI my blogging teacher is having his first child right now….do I tell him that having had a child at Christmas you will never hear how they should feel very blessed to be born during this time but how they hate sharing it with the holidays…but the best thing is to throw them a surprise half birthday…so maybe someday I will tell you that story

So how do you yet the stress go this season?


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