Your Family Christmas Traditions

P Js
As a new mother in the 80’s I wanted to start some of my own Holiday traditions when my children were growing up. I had many friends whose families open presents on Christmas Eve and being from a family that didn’t do that it was a bummer as a kid. So I decided that my kids could open one present on Christmas Eve….however I controlled what present this was! Surprise it was always P.J.’s to wear on Christmas Eve! We don’t do this now that the children are grown.

I wonder if they will do this with their children. Will they invent traditions of their own? Do you have a tradition for your holidays? Please share your traditions


2 thoughts on “Your Family Christmas Traditions

  1. Coming from a very eclectic background and dysfunctional family (in a good way) we don’t have a lot of traditions. Sometimes we open the presents all the night before, sometimes we pick one and that’s it. We like playing it by ear. I can’t even remember the last time we had a “traditional” Christmas dinner, we mix it up a lot.

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