Monday MEEmaw Mutterings

Monday mornings brings me the blues of going back to work! I try to think positive thoughts so my Monday isn’t so bad.

I watch the morning news when I am getting ready for work and when I see the traffic report I think poor people who were in the accident that is messing up the freeways..…..thank god I am not them.  When I walked out the door this morning about 15 minutes early(because of daylight savings and it is light out instead of dark )I am happy.  It makes me think that I liked the time I got to sleep until the sun actually came up instead of getting out of the house in the dark .  Even as I drove by the gas station and saw that gas was now at $3.95, I thought another good thing(never thought I would think that was a good thing but after the past month it is).

Start on the freeway, I am early today so traffic should be light and I will get to work early(maybe I can get my blog done before the work day starts)…..should be…..wait a minute…………. traffic sucks everyone else got up early today too!  Very slow getting to work which took up that extra time to get to the office. As I pull off the freeway the car chimes that it needs gas……oh I hope that the $3.95 gas is still there when I get a chance to fill my tank. Pull into my parking spot and start to pick up the trash out of my car from the weekend because we still want a clean and positive Monday ….what is this under that receipt…..MY HUBAND’S CAR KEYS!

After calling my husband (who is still in bed asleep when I called) he says he will look for the extra keys but just in case be prepared to come deliver keys if he needs them. There goes my lunch hour.

Now just enough time to sit down and check out my email…and other blogs

pops up…….hello I am trying to be optimistic…just some days it just doesn’t want to work.